Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Woodrow Wilson Graduate School of Teaching & Learning (WW Graduate School, founded as the WW Academy) and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation are committed to the privacy of all users of their websites. Visitors to the Woodrow Wilson Graduate School website who choose to apply to programs administered by the WW Graduate School or register for additional information may be asked for their mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, Social Security numbers, and/or other personally identifiable information. These data are used to create database records for outreach to candidates, application processes, and program administration, and, on occasion, to describe (without personal attribution) the nature and breadth of candidate outreach and applicant pools.

Records of individuals who become Fellows or students or who voluntarily provide information on this Web site may be retained at the WW Graduate School and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation for purposes of business correspondence.

  • Any page on this Web site that requires entry of personal information is a secure page that employs advanced encryption technology.
  • The Woodrow Wilson Foundation and the Woodrow Wilson Graduate School do not sell, share, or provide lists of students, or applicants, or any portion of such lists or the information they contain, to third parties or external agencies for purposes other than those of Foundation business. The Foundation and the WW Graduate School prohibit internal use of such information for purposes other than those described herein.
  • From time to time the Foundation or the WW Graduate School may supply their lists to subcontractors for the purposes of publishing directories of students or program alumni; students/alumni may opt out. The Foundation and Graduate School may also occasionally engage an external agency to contact a limited number of students for surveys, fundraising, and other related purposes.  WW only engages external agencies that agree not to sell or share any information they have collected or been provided.

On occasion, if a third party seeks to contact a student through the Foundation or WW Graduate School, the Foundation or WW Graduate School may alert the student and, if the student so instructs, facilitate the contact. In instances where a third party seeks biographical information about a student in support of a scholarly or commercial project, the student or his/her estate will be consulted for permission up to fifty years after the date of the student’s first application to the WW Graduate School. After fifty years, biographical information may be released to researchers at the discretion of the Foundation or WW Graduate School. Otherwise, Woodrow Wilson does not assist third parties in contacting students.

WW Graduate School students and alumni may receive (by surface mail, email, or telephone) occasional requests to participate in Woodrow Wilson events or support the work of the Foundation/WW Graduate School. Students/alumni may also receive periodic updates, by surface mail or email, about the WW Graduate School and the Foundation’s work. Any Fellow or friend of the Foundation or WW Graduate School who wishes to request revisions to these records may contact the Webmaster, who will forward the request to appropriate Woodrow Wilson staff for response.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation and the Woodrow Wilson Graduate School of Teaching & Learning reserve the right to change this policy and to modify any program described on this website without notice or liability. Any such modification is prospectively binding on users. Please review this page periodically when you visit the site to receive information about the WW Graduate School’s or the Foundation’s latest policies on privacy and information security.

Last updated: April 2018

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