A New Way to Learn

Today’s digital world focuses on learning that’s tailored to each student, with less emphasis on process and more on achieving specific outcomes. As today’s students learn differently, today’s and tomorrow’s teachers must learn to teach differently, too. To help our graduates learn in the same way they will teach, we’ve built a school—based on the latest research in cognitive science and design thinking, coupled with immersive, clinical practice—that is different.

What Makes the Program Different?

We realize the teachers of tomorrow need to be prepared differently from the teachers of yesterday

We aren’t tinkering with teacher preparation, we’ve reimagined it. We’ve built a time-independent program that adapts to your needs and level of mastery—a program for teacher candidates who want to learn differently so they can teach differently. Our program is for those who want more than just following a prescribed lesson plan, it is for those who want to design a learning experience that will reach every student.

Our success is based on your success as a classroom teacher

We are focused on your success, and we measure ourselves by it. Ultimately, the WW Academy doesn’t pat itself on the back because its incoming students have great GPAs or high GRE scores. We will know we are successful when you remain a teacher of record for years or decades to come after graduation. And we will know we are successful when your students are able outperform their peers in other classrooms because you can customize your expertise for all learners. You will evaluate your students based on the outcomes, and not the inputs. We use the same formula to determine our success.

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The Experience

The Design Thinking Approach

See how the WW Academy is using design thinking as a tool to help prepare teachers for the classrooms of today and tomorrow.

Our Methodology

Design Thinking

At the Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning, design thinking is not only a method for building the Academy’s program, but also a new way for its master’s candidates to approach the challenges of teaching. The WW Academy is using a tool called the innovators’ compass, designed by Ela Ben-Ur, to help candidates move through the design process. Once future teachers are comfortable with the process, it not only becomes a practical problem-solving method they can use in today’s classrooms, but also offers them ways to reshape and redesign tomorrow’s learning experiences.

  • People Who's involved?
  • Observations What's happening? Why?
  • Principles What matters most?
  • Ideas What ways are there?
  • Experiments What's a step to try?

Mentoring and Support

For all its rewards, teaching is a complex and challenging career. At the Academy, teacher candidates are well supported by faculty, staff, peers, and experienced educators throughout their time in the program. In addition, all candidates continue to receive support through their first two years of teaching and establish a network that will sustain them throughout their teaching career. Learn more about mentoring and support.

In Collaboration with MIT

Built in collaboration with MIT, candidates get access to the best in technology, gaming, and cognitive science. Learn more about the collaboration.

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Graduates of the WW Graduate School earn an M.Ed. and are recommended for teacher licensure. You’ll be placed in a real classroom while you complete coursework personalized to what you know and can do.

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